Why Are Router Table Beneficial For Woodwork?

People love to renovate their homes, whether it’s painting the house or changing the woodwork, doing it all by yourself adds a sense of satisfaction. Having the proper gear and instruments make the process much more comfortable and enhances the level of accuracy and perfection. That’s where router tables come into picture. You can get the perfection and cleanliness in work by using these tables. We find professional woodworker using router table for the perfection in work. If you have a creative bent, little know-how of the technique, doing it yourself is a good idea. Some great video on www.popularwoodworking.com can help in getting the work done in no time.

Might look like a complicated setup but the use of router table makes your job easier. Some of the benefits are as follows: 1. Increases speed and help acquire precision: Using a table mounted router gives a better hold compared to a handheld router. The precision depends on the technique used, in case of router table the cutting bit is fixed and the wood moves smoothly through it, giving better results. Unlike handheld router where due to excess vibration the wood piece shakes and usually slips off the table, in case of table mounted machinery, you can easily get the desired shape of the mold, since it sustains that extra pressure. The whole of this process increases the speed of the work, with the scope of minimal error. 2. Perform better for complicated cuts: Handheld routers are fine for cutting straight lines and geometrical patterns. For more complex inlay work and complex cutting patterns, a router table is ideal. 3. The depth of cutting: The depth of cutting can be easily modified by using a router table. In case of a handheld router, it can sometimes get tougher to maintain the right depth of the cut due to the excessive vibration and movement. Therefore, experience and precision are required to get the perfect job done. A person with little knowledge in woodwork can perform the multi-depth cutting task efficiently using these tables. 4. Ensures safety and easy to maintain: The router table is very easy to clean and maintain. By using a vacuum cleaner and blowing it from the above the table can easily remove the sawdust from the machinery. Since all the parts are fixed, the chances of an accident are much less as compared to other wood cutting instruments.

Wearing proper gear like eyeglasses and gloves is necessary to avoid any sawdust and splinter coming out of the cutting area to affect your eyes or cause a cut in the hand. One should follow the instructions provided with each model of router table which provides the procedure to operate and safety measures to be followed. These tables can be easily assembled by following the instructions on the manual, making it very convenient. The router table is a must have for all woodwork enthusiast. You can design some fascinating wood art work with the little technique and the appropriate machinery.