5 Reasons Why You Must Head To Broome This Weekend

Broome is a pearling town located in Kimberly region of Western Australia, approximately 1,390 miles from Perth. History of Broome sees the influence of European culture together with local traditions to form a tourist getaway that features on every traveler’s bucket list. Book any of the top hotels for Accommodation Broome, or you can see what’s trending at www.travelpulse.com for the latest updates on travel.

Broome offers a range of activities like bird watching, kayaking, and a tour of the historical museum. Be sure to indulge in these activities and make the most of your holiday.

Kayaking Book a kayak tour and enjoy the spectacular views of the turquoise waters, marine life, and rock formations. First –timers can hire the dual kayak and explore the hidden bays and remote beaches of Broome area. If you are lucky, you will encounter a sea turtle or a friendly dolphin play in the water. Do not miss the famous Gantheaume Point and the rocky protrusions along the way.

Most of the kayak tours are scheduled in the afternoon, and you get a bonus of witnessing the amazing sunset that Broome boasts of.

Bird watching If you are an ornithologist or you enjoy watching birds and their habits, head to Broome Bird Observatory that houses a variety of winged creatures like parrots and cockatoo. The observatory is divided into subsections that bring to life different aspects of the bird kingdom.

Stop near the shoreline of Roebuck Bay as birds fly to this roosting area to escape from the clutches of other predatory birds. Wildlife enthusiasts can look forward to some privy moments with wallabies, though avian life remains a popular tourist attraction here.

Get A Bird’s Eye View With Kimberly Aviation The sheer vastness of the area can make it difficult for tourists to cover all places by foot or water. You can book an air safari for faster transportation and enjoy the view from the top. Catch the beauty of Horizontal Waterfalls and the bright hues of Cape Leveque or take a quick dip in the water for a mix of air/land/sea adventure.

You can plan your flight itinerary to include the spectacular view of the Buccaneer Archipelago, enjoy a relaxing swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean or eat to your heart’s content at Cape Leveque.

Museum The interesting history of Broome is contained inside the Historical Museum that features visual displays and artifacts to keep you engrossed the entire day. You can learn all about the pearling history of Broome, the bombing during World War 2, and enjoy a video documentary that is rib-tickling and informative.

Do not get deceived by the size of the museum as you require 2 hours or more to catch a glimpse of everything on display.

Pearl Farm The award-winning Pearl Farm is located at a distance of 38 kilometers north of Broome. Take part in the educational tour that includes fun activities and informative talks on the creation of pearls.

Soak in flora and fauna of the region; enjoy the helicopter ride or go on a guided boat tour to explore the scenic spots by the creek.

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