Buying Walking Shoes For Supination Or Underpronation

Our feet are one of the most wonderful parts of the body. As a baby starts to walk, the little one topples over first. Then slowly and steadily, the feat learns to balance the weight of the baby as it makes the first footsteps, walks around and finally runs all over the household! Here the maintaining the balance is the most important point to be noted while walking or running. The action of feet to balance our actions can be divided into two- supination and pronation. Running athletes would usually have a greater supination and would ideally need good running shoes for supination. It has even become one of the fashion trends of athletes as reported by the web page

Pondering On Our Walking Actions Ever thought how do we walk? It has a close relation to Newton’s third law- “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” There is a slight variance in the reaction of our feet when you start running than when you walk normally. When you walk, as usual, the feet just have to balance your body weight and move forward in a straight line pattern. But when you start running, usually your body bends down, and the feet do not touch the ground fully. If you watch the video of a running athlete, you could easily see that. Thus, the feet also undergo various actions and reactions while we walk and run. These balancing mechanisms of the feet called supination (under pronation) and pronation. Pronation in excess is called over pronation.

Supination: Focus On Forefoot When a runner begins to run, the front portion of the feet pushes off from the ground as they sprint off. This rolling action of feet in the outward direction is known as supination. During supination, the whole body pressure is balanced by the forefoot alone. The pressure only tends to increase more as one runs more as the weight of one’s body is supported by the forefoot which keeps pushing down on the ground to acquire the speed needed for the run.

Supination is completely a natural process for all the non-athletes. But in the case of runners, supination happens too much, and this results in the ligaments and tendons of feet getting too much strain. This can lead to a sprain in muscles or even ligaments getting torn. Over supination can also occur in people who have abnormally high arched feet.

Picking Shoes For Supination Running athletes or people with supination (underpronation) should choose their shoes accordingly to avoid hurting their feet. Here are some points to consider: Pick shoes with cushioning on those concave arches of feet The midsole should be extra cushioned to provide comfort and lower the pressure The shoes should lightweight to bring down the pressure on feet The feet would be more stable if you choose single-density and gel based mid-soled shoes. Make sure the shoes perfectly fit and mould into the structure of your feet Shoes with perfect grip on sides and front help one to run quickly

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