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Here’s Your Guide To The Right Slurry Valve!

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Operating time is a vital factor which affects the profit of various companies which has slurries involved in their processes. Slurry valves are real saviors which optimize the operating time of the processes. But, you can enjoy the benefits only if you select the right slurry valve. A wrong choice may not be effective in reducing the operation time. They may also require increased maintenance and cause less production. Check out the reviews of some Slurry Samplers here.
All slurry valves are not created equal, so you must be careful while selecting valves!

According to, slurry valves should be chosen depending upon the type of application. Here are some valve applications! Let us see the types of slurry valves required for each type!

Fertilizer processing for agriculture
Fertilizer production for agriculture is an area which is prone to scale build-up, hot-acid flushing, etc. Fertilizers like Diammonium phosphate is produced from marine fossils. During the process, scale gets continuously deposited on the valves and walls of the pipes thereby restricting the slurry flow. To remove the blocks, they have to be flushed with hot acid once in a few weeks. So valves which can work even in heavy scaling and which can withstand the hot acid should be chosen for these applications.

Power plants
Extremely high heat, gypsum and limestone slurries, unique and hot ash, chloride-rich fluids are all specialties of the power industry. In addition to this, those power plants where coal is burnt, require special methods ...

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