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How To Maintain Your Wood Fence?

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If you want to secure your property and give you home a border, a fence around your house is a must. Apart from providing a boundary to your property it also keeps unwanted intrusion from kids and animals too. The fence made out of wood looks excellent initially when installing, but due to the nature of timber, it means it would need a lot of maintenance as they can rot away over time. If the maintenance tips are followed the fence can last longer, with a little bit of work done on a regular basis say experts at

Pickets: The biggest maintenance tip that should be used is to check that no nails are out, are rotting or about to rot on the fence. You can tighten the loose nails using a hammer or remove the unusable ones. Even if the bad ones are firmly in place, pick them out and replace with a new one. Check each part of the sections if they are secure and in place. Also, if some parts are leaning, straighten them out by either replacement or fixing it in the ground.

Paint job: One of the most time-consuming maintenance tips is to paint the fence. Painting it at least once in two years will not only remove the stains on the fence but also keeps it healthy. Repainting of the fence can be done using a brush or a sprayer. But a sprayer has a disadvantage as you can make a ...

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